Our habits have a powerful effect on the way we think and what we do daily, and that can translate to success or failure in business. If you want to be a successful business owner, you have to develop some key habits. By managing your time and tasks effectively, staying organized, and avoiding burnout, you can start to develop those habits that lead to success.

Manage yourself

Managing yourself means managing your time and tasks effectively. By waking up early every morning and allowing yourself an “hour of power” to get ready, you come into work better prepared and more awake. You can also make a list of your three most important tasks (MITs) the night before and complete them first thing in the morning. Your MITs should be related to your long-term goals. This ensures they always get done on time and prevents you from procrastinating.

Stay organized

Staying organized helps everything move at a smoother pace and also prevents chaos. Chaos is the enemy of good business because it makes everybody’s jobs just a little more complicated and reduces their productivity and efficiency. As the owner of your business, organization starts with you, so make sure your physical, digital, and mental spaces are organized neatly. You can use technology to help you stay on top of organization and tasks and move at a more efficient pace.

Avoid burnout

As a business owner, the desire is to be working all the time, but that’s counterintuitive. By not giving yourself time to rest and recharge, you’re just increasing the likelihood of burning out. If you’re not sure what “burnout” is, it’s when what used to make you passionate now makes you miserable. You can start by making sure you get home at a specific time every day, giving yourself a rigid boundary between work and play. You can also hire more people as your business grows to make sure you aren’t overburdened with tasks. The dream of being a business owner is being your own boss- don’t let the business boss you.

Many habits can lead to becoming a successful business owner, but we’ve outlined some of the most effective. By making these part of your daily routine and practicing them consistently, you set yourself up for future success.